GamaMabs Pharma Technology

EMABling platform

GamaMabs has rights to the EMABling® platform, proprietary of LFB, consisting in a customized cell line derived from YB2/0 which allows the generation of mAbs with a low content of fucose.

These post translational characteristics are responsible for high affinity for CD16 present on effector cells such as NK cells and macrophages, which, in turn, allows the development of a variety of functional properties especially adapted to cancer treatment, such as high ADCC, improved apoptosis in vivo and enhanced memory effect.

This technology is protected by two master patents, granted in both the EU and the US, covering the large domain of low fucose mAbs with high ADCC properties. The successive developments carried out by LFB did confer to this platform an industrial potential, particularly with glycosylation mastery and satisfactory yield of production. Importantly, those technologies have been validated in patient with two mAbs being currently in Phase II/III, roledumab (anti-RhD) in the prevention of foeto-maternal allo-immunisation, and ublituximab (anti-CD20) in rituximab resistant Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas with outstanding results.

HuMabFc platform

GamaMabs has rights to the HuMabFc® platform, also owned by LFB, which allows the production of antibodies with a longer half-life through an increased affinity for the FcRn receptor. This technology can be combined with ADCC technologies such as Emabling, or can be applied to “classical” mAbs lacking effector activity in order to increase their half-life.