GamaMabs Pharma develops innovative monoclonal antibodies in cancer.

GamaMabs’ lead project is the monoclonal antibody (mAb) 3C23K which targets Anti-Mullerian Human Receptor II (AMHR2), an unaddressed specific target in ovarian cancer.

The company values high-potential assets in oncology developed initially at LFB Biotechnologies. Those assets are essentially composed of two original patented platforms for the generation of mAbs with high efficiency (EMABling®) and/or long duration of action (HuMabFc), and patents related to the AMHR2 target.

GamaMabs develops a pipeline stemming from those technologies, among them 3C23K currently in advanced pre-clinical stage.

The main objective of GamaMabs is to develop its pipeline up to Proof of Concept in patients.